Swedish Massage

This is most popular form of massage therapy and the one most associated with day spas and salons. During a Swedish Massage, the therapist uses oil to lubricate the skin and uses a range of massage strokes and movements to increase blood flow, warm up the muscles and release tension stored within the body. The combination of the movements, pressures and the overall boost in circulation can ease aching muscles and reduce pain.

Pressures are varied to suit individual client need and tension/problem areas can be targeted based on client specification.

During a full treatment, all clothes will need to be removed except the lower undergarments, although client modesty is preserved at all times with strict coherence to towel ‘draping’ techniques to ensure client comfort at all times. The therapist will only uncover the area they are working on directly at the time. This insures client retains a comfortable level of warmth and modesty.

Swedish Massage is the most suitable for giving an overall more relaxing experience. The treatment can deliver just the right amount of relief from tired muscles and limbs.

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