Reiki means ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ or ‘holistic healing system.’ Originally a Japanese therapy it is swiftly becoming extremely popular in the western world.

It is a healing process that can be of benefit to anyone and can bring comfort, well being and relaxation to many. It can help kick start the body’s own healing mechanisms and creates more balance within the body and it’s energy centres. (Chakras)

Reiki is non intrusive, is performed with the client fully clothed and hands are often placed gently on or near the body depending on the area and on client preference. During treatments the transferral of energy can create a feeling of warmth, heat, cold or tingling by the recipient. Others may simply feel deeply relaxed. Some people report seeing vivid colours. It can create profound emotion in some and a pleasant radiance in others. All of these reactions are normal and indications that the reiki is doing its work to clear any energy blockages within the body.

I like to offer the use of crystals within my full treatments to aid with chakra balancing and may use a crystal pendulum to assist with this.

Free distance Reiki healing always available. Please contact me for more information.

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